• A New Vision For Public Education

  • Creative Approaches To Producing and Consuming

  • Thriving Local Economies

  • Policies that Enable Social Innovation

Our vision: a world that knows how to build a better future and has the tools to do it

A future in which race and class don’t determine the quality of education a child receives or the range of life options available to her when she graduates. One in which capital markets, civil society, governments and the private sector innovate together to alleviate poverty and to ensure food security and shared prosperity. A world in which we all promote sustainable production and consumption of the goods we use in our communities, institutions and homes.

Collective Invention leads social innovation efforts in three interdependent arenas: education, community and economic development, and sustainability.
We research, design and facilitate significant projects, bringing a committed team to the task of developing visions, prototyping solutions, and aligning action around some of the world’s most important challenges.

We call this Innovation for the Common Good.



Designing a new world of learning from pre-K through higher education

We understand the forces shaping the future of teaching and learning, the ways in which learners’ values and expectations will evolve, and the most promising opportunities for systems-level innovation and investment.


Designing a more equitable and sustainable future for all  in recognition of our planetary realities

We identify opportunities for policy, product, service and process innovation for a more sustainable future. We ground ideas in an awareness of the needs and behaviors that shape consumption patterns.


Creating flourishing and resilient communities

We explore and understand patterns emerging from demographic, behavioral, economic, and ecological data. We foster collaborative action and enlightened experimentation around a shared vision.



We help our partners develop strategies that are robust in all futures so that they have the best possible chances of success. We identify forces that are both critically important and highly uncertain and lay out a series of differing—but equally plausible—futures.


We work with you to uncover the tacit and explicit needs of your stakeholders. The data we gather helps us define the problems we’re trying to solve. Then we generate solutions through an iterative and disciplined prototyping process.


Together we explore your system (your organization, region, or sector) as a whole. We explore the relationships between its parts, to uncover “leverage points“ that can effectively shift the entire system.